Frequently asked questions

What’s the main goal of this site?

The main goal is to add information about fishing locations, so when you decide to go on a fishing trip, you have as much information about the area as possible. The idea is that users will share information about a fishing location such as access, species of fish found, type of the body of water, some regulations, depth, length, where to stay, where to fish, what to use etc.

How does this site work?

We rely on our visitors to add content about fishing locations they have visited. Our users can add fishing locations to our database, and other uses can improve them with more information.

Is all the content monitored?

No. Every post has a link to report erroneous content or to improve it. Comments may also be flagged for moderation.

Why make a website for fishing spots, since there are a few websites out there already?

Because most of these sites have auto-generated content. They scan maps and government resource websites, and serve content that is pretty “empty”, without any real world information. Furthermore, they do not show most fishing spots, but only those registered on such sites and maps, that’s where we come in. Our users will be able to share the location of those remote, unknown spots with fellow fisherman.

What about “spot burning”?

Its 2018. Anyone can go to google maps and find any “blue spots” (ponds or lakes) and go fishing. If you’re worried about that, then guess what? Those days of secrecy are long gone my friend.
Chances are, somebody took you fishing the first time, you didn’t just buy a rod, reel, line, bait and ventured out on your own. Somebody shared their knowledge with you. Somebody took you to their favorite place. Now its your turn to do the same.

What are the main rules of the site?

This is pretty simple: be nice, respectful and polite to one another. There is absolutely no room for hatred, racism or foul language.