Which brand offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to worms for Bass Fishing?

If you’re a fisherman, you know fish are weird. Sometimes, nothing works, even your go-to lure or worm. Yet sometimes, something that has never worked before, or something even for a complete different species of fish, will catch something! If you fish, you know you can catch a fish with pretty much anything, really. But what’s best? What should you keep with your favorite gear?

For this post, we’re gonna be comparing the most popular ~5″ worms. This will certainly be a matter of preference for many, so please, leave a comment with your favorite choice.

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Let’s talk prices

Rubber Worms (2019)SizePriceWorms per PackPrice per WormCurrent Pricing
Yum Dinger5"$2.998$0.37 eachShop
Bass Pro Shops Stik-O Worm
5.375"$5.9916$0.37 eachShop
Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Shim E Stick5"$3.797$0.54 eachShop
Gary Yamamoto Senko Bait5"$9.5010$0.95 eachShop

Based on price, castability, and amount of fish caught, we have our choices below. Full disclosure: if money was no subject, we would probably stick with Yamamotos, as time has proven that these are an industry standard for a reason: They Work!

YUM Dinger
Best Price - Great Value
YUM Dinger Worm
Bass Pro Shops Stik-O
Best Price - Great Value
Bass Pro Shops Stik-O Worm - 5-3/8''
Gary Yamamoto Senko
The Standard - Proven by Time

Gary Yamamoto Senko Bait

The Pioneer!

Tested and proven, these are the standard when it comes to rubber worms. You may hear many people refer to “fishing with Senkos”, even when using other brands, much like Clorox to Bleach, Velcro to Hook-And-Loop and so forth. These work, no question about that. They cast very nice, are quite heavy and filled with salt. Gary Yamamoto Senko is THE WORM for bass throughout the United States. They are Salt-impregnated, casts very far due to the weight and composition, and have a unique fall when fished weightless or wacky style.

Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Shim E Stick

“Five Stars!”

The Strike King’s feature the exclusive super soft, salty, plastic blend, providing a perfect rate of fall and the seductive “shimmy” action. Shad and other baitfish have a salt component to their blood, which theses worms try to imitate, so when bass bite, they taste it and supposedly hold on longer, giving you more time to feel the bite and set the hook. These are without a doubt a great alternative to the popular Senko, and work great Texas-rigged, weightless or wacky style.

Bass Pro Shops 5-3/8” Stik-O Worm

Bass Pro Shops Stik-O Worm - 5-3/8''“Bass candy!”

Loaded with salt and infused with 8Up™ scent, these worms offer great fishing and value. Texas-rigged, weightless or wacky style, these have become many fishermen’s go-to worms. Priced at the same price point as YUM Dingers, these are great for fishing and your wallet. Pros: They cast like a rock, work great on suspended and bedding bass, are easy to rig and are of course, filled with salt and the trademark 8Up scent.

YUM Dinger Worm

YUM Dinger WormThe Winner!

Designed to be fished in a variety of ways (Texas rigged, wacky style, on a Carolina rig and even pitched into heavy cover), the YUM Dinger is composed of soft plastic and presents a subtle life-like action that bass can’t resist. Additionally, unlike all other worms on this list, YUM Dingers have a unique hook slot that provides better hook-ups, and they’re tougher than similar baits – so you get more fish per bait than any other. They do fall slower, as you can see in the video below.

When talking about worms, which one is your favorite?

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