The very best frogs for fishing based on user reviews

Nothing beats the strikes of a fish on a top water lure. Catching a fish on a frog is unlike anything else. Below, our choices for the top 10 fishing frogs.

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Livetarget Hollow Frog
Hollow Body with Amazing Details
BOOYAH Pad Crasher
Added Surface Disturbance
Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog
Sinks a Little in the Water
1 – Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

“The best for top water” – “Bass love them” – “Even frogs like them”

  • Amazing detail fools even the most wary fish
  • Soft body construction compresses to reveal ultra sharp hooks
  • Koppers Frog Hollow Body 55 Emerald/Brown
  • The hollow body Frog is the perfect choice for fishing over weed choked areas or lily pads
  • The weed less design allows it to be worked over the cover without hanging up
  • 2010 ICAST “Best of Show” Winner

2 – BOOYAH Bait Company Pad Crasher Fishing Lure

“Bass can’t resist it” – “Big bass” – “Good hookup ratio”

This frog was created for those times that require additional surface disturbance. Terrific for fishing the slop, but with a cupped mouth, it doubles as a popper / chugger in open water.

  • Creates added surface disturbance
  • Unique action
  • Great for fishing the slop
  • Doubles as a popper/chugger in open water

3 – Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog Series 2.5″

“Very lifelike and by far the best lifelike frog I’ve ever seen”

  • At rest, the body of the Lunker frog drops down a little into the water perfectly replicating the action of a frog/bullfrog
  • One of the most life like frog currently available in the industry
  • Used primarily for bass, pike and musky in freshwater
  • High quality components, a super soft hollow body construction, and a weedless design
  • Essential addition to any tackle box

4 – Spro Bronzeye Frog 65 Bait
Spro Bronzeye Frog 65 Bait

“Very lifelike and by far the best lifelike frog I’ve ever seen”

  • The most enticing colors
  • Perfect size and style to be fished in heavy cover or in open water
  • Specially weighted to land on its belly
  • Designed to cast long distances
  • Hook ups are great

5 – Stanley SRF-218 Original Ribbit Frog Fishing Lure

“Snakeheads Galore” – “My go to frog!”

Bigger bait means bigger bass, especially when that bigger bait is a Bull Ribbit™ Frog by Stanley Jigs®. A bull frog-sized Ribbit Frog, the Bull Ribbit’s enticing swimming and kicking action really gets those big lunkers around thick pads worked up and ready for a big fat frog feast. For best action and hook sets, a 6/0 hook is a must. Unrigged.

  • Bull frog size, Swimming and kicking action, Unrigged

6 – Croch Hollow Body Frog Lure Weedless Topwater Kit

“Smoking deal!” – ” Cannot be beaten for the price!”

  • Made of super soft and elastic material, super-strong and super-sharp hooks
  • The tough double-hook design give it excellent hooking action, improve chances of keeping fish on
  • Super durable hooks are positioned perfectly to be 100% weedless, allows it to be worked over weed choked areas or lily pads without hanging up
  • Flow-through design and interior weighting system keeps it from sinking or snagging, ensures solid hookups
  • With a hollow body and realistic body design, makes frog-walking action on open water easy and more irresistible

7 – RUNCL Anchor Box – Topwater Frog Lures

“They really work!” – ” Looks are very realistic”

  • High-resolution body detail, life-like 3D eyes and almost real swimming actions, flawlessly replicates an actual frog or bullfrog, help anglers attract a bigger catch
  • Produced with environmentally friendly PVC, imitates the taste of an actual frog, hinders the fishing hook from getting spitted
  • The core of gravity for RUNCL frog lures are constantly checked to ensure best angle sitting inside the water, helps with the success of hook up
  • Hooks embedded into the belly of the frogs. No concern whatsoever about hanging up by lily pads or weed beds
  • 5 different types of frog lures, perfect for all sorts of complicated fishing conditions

8 – Supertrip Topwater Frog Crankbait

“Great lure, great value tha entice strikes from huge fish”

  • Life-like swimming actions in water!
  • Soft durable plastic that is made to easily collapse for a solid hookset. 
  • Length: 5.45cm. Weight: 12.3g
  • Included in the Package: 6pcs
  • Bass love them

Buying Guide: Why fish with a frog?

  • Because nothing else works
  • You”re going for bigger fish
  • Time of the day
  • Time of the year
  • You can fish areas you otherwise couldn’t
  • Nothing beats the way a bass strikes a top water bait

What time of day is the best for frog fishing?

The short answer is that no one really knows. Everyone has their opinion, largely based on their own experience, but if you’re used to catching bass, one thing you know is that they are very surprising, going for what you don’t expect when you least expect it.
It is believed however, that topwater baits, such as frogs, toads or rats, are most effective in mornings (early in the day) or afternoons (later in the day). However, in cloudier days, frogs may work great from morning to afternoon, all day long.

The best time of the year for toad or frog topwater fishing

Any time of the year will work. Fall and spring are optimal mainly because of coverage and water temperatures, but summer (specially on covered areas) and less often winter are also good for frog fishing.

Where to fish with a frog?

Vegetation and cover. Frogs inhabit vegetation, so naturally that is where bass are gonna look for them. Look for critters in any type of weeds to fish them. You’re basically looking for frog food, to locate where frogs are, which is where bass are more naturally hunt them, but also, covered areas are preferred for bass, specially in the summer because the water is cooler and these are areas where bait fish normally are present. Sometimes, you can also hear the frogs. The best areas to focus on will be weedy areas, lily pads, reeds, standing grass and algae mats. These are commonly referred to as as ‘scum’, ‘muck’, or ‘cheese’. Moreover, coverage. Go for leaves, woods, sticks, areas with debris, docks, etc. Don’t be afraid to fish these areas. Frogs are designed to specifically fish these places where you would otherwise get stuck and lose your bait. If you are a bass fishermen though, you know that bass will behave erratically, and these tips apply to the way they are most commonly caught, however, you can certainly catch bass on a frog in open water on a sunny day. It happens.

Tackle / Equipment

Having the right gear is a must. For the casual angler however, pretty much anything will work as far as rods and reels go. Just make sure you have a strong line, probably braided from 20lbs to 30lbs, to make sure the line doesn’t snap or gets cut in rocks / trees etc. For the rod, medium heavy to heavy rods, 7′ to 7.5′ are commonly chosen. Lots of people prefer a baitcaster, but you can certainly use a spinning reel as well. The right plier to remove the frog is also a must have.

Techniques to use when frogging

A lot of times, as you know when fishing for bass, anything will work. The mostly fished way is to work the frog with short jerks, stop for a brief second or so and repeat. Some anglers prefer to make a big splash, lots of noises, some don’t. Let the frog sit on open areas after being dragged over lily pads for example. Give the bass time to strike. Find open areas where it seems bass have come up top the surface. You can also catch fish moving the grog very quickly, retrieving the bait non stop. Bass will sometimes very aggressively follow the frog and strike. It is not uncommon for anglers to be done with a lure, start reeling it in to change only to be surprise by a bass swallowing the frog.

Another great way is to find a branch or structure where you can throw your line over and have the frog hang from that structure, like a branch for example. Have the frog touch the water, then get if off the water. Repeat this many times. It’s an awesome way to hook a bass, but look for a flexible structure, otherwise it will be problematic to retrieve when you catch a fish.

Do frogs mean big bass?

Not necessarily. Although frogs are generally known to be targeted by bigger fish, don’t be surprised (you will) to catch a small bass on a frog. Bass are very aggressive and sometimes will try to eat something that barely fits in their mouth.

Hooking a bass with a frog

Although your first reaction upon seeing a strike or bite may be to quickly set the hook, sometimes it may be better to wait a second or so. It is not uncommon to try to set the hook only to get almost hit in the face with the frog you’re using, without a fish. Keep the rod tip low, the drag tighten almost all the way, the line tight and be ready to set the hook.

What fish can you catch with a frog?

Commonly, Largemouth Bass, Pike, Musky, Pickerel, Snake Head and yes, Frogs. Let us know what else in the comments below.

Some epic blowups

What about you? What’s your favorite frog? Best frogging story?

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