Here are some of the top channels to follow on youtube in 2023 if you like fishing, catch and cook, bikinis and some weird stuff as well.

Fisherman’s Life

Catch and cook with lots of buuuuutter, that’s why.


What’s going on happy people?

John B

John B. puts out great content often and is one of the biggest fishing channels on Youtube with currently more than 1 million subscribers.


Subscribe to Cavy for some great, crazy fishing!

Vicky stark

Bikini fishing, because, why not? Seriously though, she puts out awesome videos including bow fishing.

Mullet Man

A mix between hunting and fishing, Mullet Man’s channel is very entertaining and weird sometimes.


Lost of great outdoor videos including catch and cook.

The fish whisperer


What’s your favorite channel? Drop a comment below so we can update the list!

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